About Us

Past & Present

For the past 30 years, Kokomo Marketing's owner has been a success in the marketing and sales industry. Therefore he developed a subsidiary business off of Kokomo Marketing, the first of its kind in todays world, Corporate Season Pass. Corporate Season Pass is a professional, business to business sales and marketing company. Corporate Season Pass personally reaches out to businesses making the sale of your corporate pass in a highly professional experienced way. With our professional staff, we take care of the ordering, sales, marketing, and communication with every purchase. Let us do the work no one else is doing for you, you will be highly satisfied by the results and outcome, that we generate.

Our Approach

Our service includes the upmost professional experience to every client and customer. Our sales team reaches out to other businesses for you, making more purchasing happen. Bringing in more customers to your facility, allowing more sales to generate in other departments. Our strategic plans are made from professionals that have been in marketing and/or sales for over 30 years. We will help you achieve more financial success, quickly and smoothly.